Tantra means the connection between spirituality and energy.


During Tantra Session every part of your body will be equally affected and relaxed in a ritual sequence.
The massage therapist will use his/her hands, body, silk cloth, aroma oils and other means to affect your sensuality. Tender and sensitive touches, meditative atmosphere and conscious breathing make your physical and mental strains to disappear.
Then the energy of life will be able to flow freely through your body. The ritual is followed by a sensitive massage and accomplished with a titling pleasurable final.
The Tantra-Session gives you much more than just other massages can give. It excites and fulfills you in intensive and long-lasting way on all body, spirit and soul levels. I let additionally the energy of Reiki to flow to Dr. Usui 2nd degree and Kundalini Reiki, so your chakras become harmonized, your blockades are removed and you obtain new power.
Briefly, using the effect of Reiki in scope of Tantra techniques you can:
- stabilize well-being and vitality;
- gain internal equilibrium, additional relaxation and internal harmony;
- remove blockades;
- eliminate stress effects;
- increase creativity;
- find healing and support to self-healing forces;
- extend consciousness and strengthen all positive energies.
For this technique you should allow at least 1,5-2 hour of massage.

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