Madlen Gold

Professional Expertise and Education
DGAM Instructor and Sexologist - Expert Knowledge for Your Well-being

As an experienced DGAM instructor and certified sexologist, I support individuals in achieving their personal and professional fulfillment. My approach integrates various coaching methods with profound body processes. My qualifications include:

- Sexologist and Tantra Teacher (2022)
- DGAM Instructor (2019)
- ThetaHealing (2019)
- Health Practitioner BfG (2018)
- Psychological Consultant (2018)
- NLP Practitioner (Marc M. Galal Institute, 2017)
- Alternative Practitioner (2013)
- Tantra Massage Trainings (2010, 2008)
- Energy/Chakra Work, Systemic Constellation, Shamanic Healing (2008)
- Tailored Coaching Services
- Customized Support for Your Goals

Are you aspiring for the best in your life and ready for effective, powerful changes? In my coaching sessions, workshops, and individual consultations, you receive

personalized support:

Promoting emotional balance

Achieving personal and professional goals
Personal development
Experience how tailored advice and practice can support you on your journey towards personal growth and satisfaction.

My Personal Philosophy
Researcher & Touch Artist - Curiosity as a Path to Joy

I see myself as a researcher and touch artist. My chronic curiosity drives me to explore bodies, beings, and things. My goal is to find out how we can derive the greatest benefit and joy from them. I enjoy sharing this passion for exploration with like-minded individuals who also wish to discover and understand the world around them.

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