Tel.: 0151/46628000

Please always arrange for an appointment by phone or sms


The easiest way to reach me is a telephone call. You are encouraged to call every day, 9.00 to 20.00 hours, disregarding weekends and holidays.

I kindly ask all the guests:

In case if you are either not able to keep a pre-arranged appointment, or hesitating, please do express your intentions by SMS, phone or E-mail. This will prevent me from vain waiting and will save time spent for preparation of the premises.

Unfortunately I have no time for spontaneous appointments. For this reason I strongly recommend you to book an appointment 1-2 days or 3h in advance.

If you had called me from a hidden number and made an appointment, you may have a risk too, since I would not be able not inform you in case if I have to cancel the appointment due to force majeure. It is not recommended in cases if you have a long journey as well. You can be sure that I keep your phone number private.


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