Session offer for women, men

                                                 and pairs

  Wellnessmassage                                        1 -3h

  TantricHealing Therapy                              1,5 - 3h

  Kundalini Massage                                      1.5 - 2h 
  Reiki Theraphy                                             1h          
  ThetaHealing                                                1h
For the conclusion of massage the healing energy of mother Earth will flow through your body and you’ll feel yourself more vital and full of energy. Your body and soul will become stronger, your concentration ability will deepen and the energy flow will fill you with new power. This will create all conditions for you to set to your working tasks with more craftsmanship and to fulfill them more successfully. Each talent, each inspiration, each form of creativity rests in the depths of Kundalini. Once they being awoken, they liberate unexpected creative forces in you.
Let yourself be inspired and load your body with new, fresh energy. Come and feel the healing...


Pair massage                                              1.5 - 2 hours   
Wonderful tender hands will indulge you and your partner and bring cheerfulness to your everyday life. At your will all 4 hands can indulge you at the same time making delight to flow though your body.
Do you want to grant this unforgettable experience not only for yourself but for your partner too? Will you be pleased to watch him/her having massage together with you? Would you like to accompany him/her to the peak of pleasure? Then let you both float on the waves and experience more that just a desire – grant yourselves with something really wonderful.



Reikitherapy                                                30 min, 45 min

Energy therapy is the main premise of Reiki. The whole Universe is full of energy and every human is in an energetic unity with it. Through Reiki he/she can reach harmony and activate all self-healing forces.


Energetic cleaning of a premise
Every premise has its own energetic structure. Perhaps you know that feeling of a danger reigning in a premise (e.g. after a quarrel). Emotions and negative thoughts change the energetic structure of the premise for a long time. Through energetic cleaning procedure you can restore initial atmosphere in the house. Joy, concentration and ease return to the premise and you feel alright again. Such premise cleaning is recommended after emotional phases of life, big quarrels and after moving to a new house.


Returning - shaman healing tour                    2 - 3 hours
- Soul healing tour
- Body healing tour
- Contact with your own aura / energy field
- Place of power
- Meeting your spiritual guide / light essence / power animal
- A tour through the past / various stops
- Previous lives


Naturally, a bath and a shower are at guest's disposal


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