Welcome to our Namaste Akademie


We are a group of certified health practitioner, Chakra therapist and bodyworker in Hockenheim next to Mannheim, Heidelberg.


Our therapy guaranteed to soothe you and give you the experience of a life time. All of us are professionally trained in the discipline of energetic bodywork. 

An intuitive session is about the connection of spirituality and sensuality.

It is also a philosophy that embraces a lot of respect to all alive beings, and among other things there’s a respect to the nature.

I deal with the energy as one of many aspects of the people existence.

The basis of our work is the understanding of the unity of body, feelings, spirit and soul.

During the therapy this sensual energy is awakened, collected and distributed over the whole body.

Let me accompany you into another world – a world of relax during the session


. . . Let you be enchanted. . . 

We are looking forward to you.




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