Tantra is the art of living and loving consciously.

Tantra is not a science or religion.

Tantra is a spiritual way of experience free from dogmas and confessions.

Tantra was developed in Tibet more than 2000 years ago by Buddhist monks and it uncovers the spiritual way of bringing love and consciousness into harmony.

Tantra says that there are “two sides of the same Energy”.

Tantra accepts our desires and our individualism. 

Tantra is far more than that. Tantra is opened for consciousness.

   Tantra means for your life…

- a conscious “Yes” to you, with everything which you are

- a way to show yourself who you are, with all your sensivities

- Consciousness, meditation and quiet release

- that you are the only person responsible for yourself, for your life and for what you are doing

- Openness and truth in relation to yourself and in your relations with close friends

- Respect and attention to your partner

- to give and to receive tender, sensuous touches

- respect for your body as for a valuable alive temple

- open and sensuous meetings with women and men

- expanding and finding a healing

- acceptance of your own energy that belongs inseparably to the life and to the divinity

- connection between your body, your heart and your soul

- respect for nature, humans, animals and plants


Tantra affects…





those, who have experienced Tantra in a sensitive way.




The deep desire to be loved and accepted finds a lot of space in Tantra. Carefully arranging sensual experience, Tantra gives us more love to ourselves and shows how we can love other people from all our heart.



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